With over 2 million orphans in Uganda, GGI has no shortage of opportunities to change the lives of the countries youth, adults and families in general. With your support we have provided basic physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs to the children in our program. At the center of GGI's work in Uganda is Fountain of Hope School providing quality education, food and a positive environment with over 1000 rural low income children. 

More information on our program in Uganda to come. Stay tuned! 


Grace Giving's mission is to change lives and provide opportunities in the name of Jesus, and that is exactly what we are doing in Haiti. We began our work in the small southern coastal town of Jacmel in 2012.  

What began with 4 children coming to "day camps" has turned into a school with grades Pre K-8, and eventually up to 12. We are a Christian school teaching these children the love of Christ, while educating them and providing them with opportunities that will change their lives!  

More information on our program in Jacmel, Haiti to come.  Stay tuned!


More information on our program in Congo to come. Stay tuned!